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Can a senior apply for residence if he/she is under 65 years of age?
According to Article 10 of the Enforcement Rules for Senior Citizens Welfar...<More>
What happens if the senior is not willing to move into the care center and there is no one available to take care of him/her at home?
The objective of this center is to assist in the daily care of seniors, how...<More>
Are there any discounts to care costs for senior applicants with medium-low incomes?
If a senior applicant with medium-low income meets the criteria for moderat...<More>
Who are eligible for the services provided by the Nursing Home?
The Nursing Home provides the following types of elderly people with full-d...<More>
How to apply and documents that must be enclosed with an application
The application procedure and documents to be enclosed are as follows: 1. S...<More>
What are the Nursing Home’s fee standards?
The Nursing Home’s fee standards are as follows: 1. Seniors who have recour...<More>
Are preferential care costs applicable to senior applicants with lower middle income?
If a senior applicant with lower middle income meets the criteria for moder...<More>
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