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Nursing Care

*Daily life care
      In addition to basic life care, self-supporting care (STS training, static balance training, etc.), oral care, and foot care programs have been promoted since 2016, in order to promote the health of the elderly.

STS training
*STS training

oral care
*Oral care

*Leisure recreation
      Travel activities for the elderly, community activities, club activities (sewing classes, painting classes, pottery classes, gardening classes), community college talent courses, lectures on Buddhism, Christian fellowships, karaoke performances, concerts, appreciation of nostalgic movies, festivals, and fairs will be held. The “intellectual life and happiness” lifelong learning program for the elderly will be promoted as well.

Birthday party for the elderly
*Birthday party

painting classes
*Painting classes

*Nursing care
      Include the measurement of the elderly’s vital signs, skin care, oral care, health assessment, medication, health education, contacting family members, notifying other specialist units and monitoring the quality of care using eight major indicators.

The measurement of the elderly’s vital signs
*The measurement of the elderly’s vital signs

Health education
*Health education

      We have signed cooperation agreements with medical institutions such as Changhua Hospital under the Ministry of Health and Welfare on medical care or home care to provide the elderly with outpatient services (Gerontology, Neurology, and Physical and Mental Health), emergency services, ward inspection, hospitalization, and tube retention care services. There is also a dental treatment room, where a medical team of the Changhua Dental Association provides the elderly with dental treatments every week.

Outpatient services
*Outpatient services

Dental treatment
*Dental treatment

*Health promotion services
      Regular health checks (blood tests, urine tests, chest X-ray, bone density screening, etc.), influenza and pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, health education, and health promotion activities will be conducted.

Regular health checks
*Regular health checks

Conjugate vaccine
*Conjugate vaccine

*Drug services
      Subcontracting of prescription drugs, drug use assessment, medication guidance, and drug counseling services

Medication guidance
*Medication guidance

Subcontracting of prescription drugs
*Subcontracting of prescription drugs

*Nutritional services
      Nutritional assessment, diet and nutrition design and formulation, dietary guidance, provision of individualized diets (general diet, vegetarian diet, chopped diet, soft diet, semi-liquid diet, nasogastric tube feeding, etc.), and diversified happy meals

Nutritional assessment
*Nutritional assessment

Dietary guidance
*Dietary guidance

happy meals local specialty
*happy meals

Reunion dinner
*Reunion dinner

*Rehabilitation services
      Individualized rehabilitation therapies (instrument-based therapy, manual therapy, exercise therapy, etc.), assistive device fitting and maintenance services

manual therapy
*Manual therapy

Instrument-based therapy
*Instrument-based therapy

Exercise therapy
*Exercise therapy

Assistive maintenance
*Assistive maintenance

*Social services
      Provide the elderly with psychological counseling and emotional support, manage various therapeutic groups, conduct recreational activities and dream-fulfilling programs for the elderly, receive guests from all walks of life, and manage community care bases and other services

Recreational activities
*Recreational activities 

*Volunteer services
      Recruit and train volunteers to provide the elderly with daily care, spiritual support, activity assistance, and other services

Volunteers to provide the elderly with daily care
*Volunteers to provide the elderly with daily care

Community care
*Community care

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