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 The Nursing Home has been publishing a care-related biannual journal since June 2006. In June 2015, the title of the journal was changed to Enjoy Life in Changhua Nursing Home when its 19th issue was published.
 The motivation behind changing the title of the journal was to endow the Nursing Home’s publications with new meaning and vitality. The title Enjoy Life in Changhua Nursing Home, provided by nurse Li-Ci Ye, won the vote. The title means rejoice in happiness. It is hoped that all the residents in the Nursing Home can live a happy life and attain an ideal state of body and mind with the services provided by a professional team. The inscription on the journal cover was written by Director De-An Su of the Calligraphy & Painting Education Association of Taiwan. The inscription injects diversified vitality into the Nursing Home’s biannual journal.

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