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Functions & Responsibilities

* Duties of each department/office/center are as follows:
  • Department of Social work:survey and visit homes of seniors who are to be admitted to the Nursing Home, provide case counselling, plan and implement group activities, contact and receive guests who visit the Nursing Home, develop and make use of social resources, provide social welfare counseling services, promote volunteer services, etc.
  • Department of Nursing:provide care and guidance to the elderly in daily life, maintain the cleanliness of the living environment, plan and implement travel and community activities, provide nursing services and keep records, monitor quality indicators, and promote health education and infection control
  • Department of Health:in charge of healthcare, preventive vaccination, health check and inspection, rehabilitation services, pharmacy services, nutrition and dietary services, and health education for the elderly
  • Administrative Office:in charge of research and evaluation, document and file management, research and development, asset management, and cash collection; safeguard official seal; maintain the cleanliness of the environment
  • Personnel Center:in charge of affairs related to personnel management
  • Budget, Accounting and Statistics Center:in charge of affairs related to annual accounting, accounting, and statistics
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